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FIBO, bauma or DMEXCO - trade fairs, exhibitions and conventions are a big part of almost every industry. Numbers of trade fairs are rising worldwide. This positive trend can also be observed in Germany, where numerous trade fair visitors will again fill the exhibition halls next year. Whether you are presenting your newest products, discuss about the latest trends of your industry or simply for networking - there are many reasons to be represented at a trade fair.

To ensure that one's trade fair appearance is going to be a success, planning ahead is key. Choose the right location for your booth early, come up with an innovate booth design and dress up your promotion staff in style - these and more factors define your trade fair success.

Are you planning to take part in a trade fair or exhibition in the coming year as well? We from KONABLE would like to give you some tips for your successful trade fair appearance in 2020!

Trade fair appearance - an investment in the future

To exhibit at a trade fair can have many positive effects for a company from a strategic point of view. You have got the chance to reach a large audience - in the best case your direct target group - and all visitors already indicated some interest in the topics and products through the purchase of their tickets. Personal invitations of potential new customers can be used to break the ice even before the first onsite contact. A personal meeting within a relaxed atmosphere at your booth is the best way to present your company's products and services. The haptics of products and a personal review stil play a decisive role in the sales process.

In addition to sales aspects, trade fairs work great as platforms for networking and information gathering.

Organisers and marketers are of course aware of these advantages, so that attending a trade fair involves considerable costs for companies and brands. Also, it requires meticulus preparation and some persistence for the trade fair days. But anyone who has ever experienced the unique atmosphere and advantageous conditions of a trade fair will definitely count on this format in future.

Of course, a trade fair appearance as an exhibitor is even more fun and enjoyable when your own presence at the trade fair stands out. An innovative booth design paired with an uniform appearance of your employees and small give aways for your visitors are ideal "ingredients" for a successful trade fair. Wherer you might need booth equipment, trade fair apparel or give aways - we will provide you with the necessary equipment for a successful trade fair appaerance next year.



Booth equipment - Highlight your logo and brand

Are you sill missing something for a uniform booth design? No problem! Wheter its banners, roll-ups, displays or advertising counters - we put your logo on big walls. At KONABLE you get your needed products for your trade fair booth according to your wishes. Quickly designed, high-quality production and delivered on time!

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Trade fair apparel - Dress to impress

High-quality trade fair apparel in a customised design is probably the best eyecatcher. Not only for your trade fair representatives but also for your promotion staff. To get your unique and suitable trade fair apparel, consider first which style fits to the fair itself and also to your brand and booth design. Once you have made your choice between a polo-shirt, t-shirt or hoody, designing your trade fair apparel is the next step. To give your fair clothing an individual finish, you can select between various colours, cuts, printing options and even individual extras. Our own textile production factory brings your ideas to life. At our own textile printing factory, we gladly print your design on stock items. Please find below some of our products to choose from. All further details and printing options will be coordinated in the request process. 

Giveaways - Handy promotion items

Pens, lanyards, notebooks or bags - every trade fair visitor will be delighted to receive small giveaways from exhibitors. From an exhibitor's perspective, handing out giveaways is a good investment. Like having a coffee at your booth serves as an icebreaker for customer talks, giveaways turn your booth visitors into advertising media. For example, information materials can be handed out in an handy carrier bag. If you also have a speaker role at the trade fair, you can distribute notebooks and pens to the audience. There are even more creative campaings, but you will probably already have an idea of how to use promotional items at your next trade fair. If so, please feel free to contact us directly. If you still need a little inspiration, we have listed a few promo gift classics. We gladly advise you to every single product and give tips for printing options and more.  

The trade fair season 2020 is just around the corner. Plan your trade fair appearance now and get your customised promotional items from KONABLE. Whatever your plans are, we will be happy to support you with individual promotional products for your brand. Simply request your favourite products online and you will receive an offer from us within 24 hours. We wish you loads of fun and succes for the further planning process and for the trade fairs as well.


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André Deilen

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Personal advise for trade fair exhibitors: Always have cool drinks at your booth ;-)

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