Sustainability is not only a buzzword anymore it is a necessity. Especially the sports industry has realised the importance of this shift. In particular, they helped raising awareness by introducing "Recycled Fashion" and made it available to everyone. As a result, more and more sports and fashion brands release their own collections made of recycled plastic. 

KONABLE also participates in this movement as we produce our EVOLUTION sports shirts out of 100% recycled polyester. From a plastic bottle to a customised t-shirt - ideal for your brand or event!





Sustainable functional t-shirts in your custom design for your brand or event!

Sustainability and a thoughtful handling of natural resources have a special name at KONABLE company: EVOLUTION.

For us, evolution stands for our continous progress to enhance our ecological footprint each day, because environmental protection does not come to an end. However, evolution also stands for our newly developed DRYPOWER EVOLUTION functional fabric. It is made of 100% recycled polyester and it offers the same positive features as our classical functional fabrics. DRYPOWER EVOLUTION not only provides an optimal climate management but also has a very good wearing comfort and is ideal for all kinds of imprints. In addition, the OEKO-TEX ® 100 standard certifies the trust in our fabric.


DRYPOWER EVOLUTION: Certified partners and strict production guidelines

DRYPOWER EVOLUTION: Certified partners and strict production guidelines

During the complete manufacturing process, we are always in close contact with our manufacturers and business partners. Therefore, for the production of our yarn, we only work with certified production sites in Indonesia that are following the strict production guidelines (version 1, version 3) of the "Global Recycle Standard (GRS)". 

For further processing, our partners transport the yarn form Indonesia to Turkey. In our own production site in Istanbul, we weave the yarn into your desired material webs, by following European prdduction standards.

From the produced DRYPOWER EVOLUTION functional materials, we manufacture your customised functional shirts.

Sustainability at KONABLE: More green products for your brand

Next to our Evolution Tech Shirt, you can discover even more sustainable products for your brand or event on KONABLE. How about a custom-made t-shirt made of bio-cotton. Our Basic Bio Cotton Shirt proviedes a very good wearing comfort due to its fashionable fit. In addition, the Basic Bio Cotton Shirt is ideal for screen prints or even modern printing methods (digital print, 3D-print). With our various finishing options for example a logo neckband or a stylish side flag, you are free to create your very unique and fashionable t-shirt.

Finally yet importantly, organisers of (sports-) events are looking for more sustainable products as an alternative for the common disposable products and plastic waste. KONABLE prvides you with a wide assortment of sustainable products to make your event a little greener. Recently, with our Shiva O2 we released our very first biodegradable bottle that is 100% made of sugar cane. Furthermore, you can find reusable Runners Cups and eco-friendly Cotton Gymbags.


Contact us now! The KONABLE-Team is happy to provide and assist you with sustainable products for your brand or event. Also, you can always request your very own product idea at KONABLE. As you know, your individual demand is, as always, our mission.